Come for me. You can't.

If you're not watching, don't be offended, but what the fuck is wrong with you? Every smart, funny, creative person I know is OBSESSED because Drag Race is all about creativity, surprise, subverting expectations, identity, beauty, artistry. Even my 7 year old son gets it. And god willing... well.... I'll just leave this here:


So leading up to the Season 10 premiere on March 24th obviously we're ranking EVERY SINGLE SEASON'S BEST MOMENTS. Buckle up, here's the Season 8 realness!

Kim Chi in the Hair Ball Redux

Holy shit, THIS LION LEWK. It's the first episode of the season and Kim's got to make a costume out of wigs and she SLAYS. For me this moment marked a turn in the professionalism of the series; Season 8 queens did not come to play. Kim lumbered around the runway and Michelle Visage says "yeti that walk" and godammit, we're in love.

Carson Kressley's Read of this Lewk

I'm never going to get over the loss of Santino Rice on the judging panel. I've got a chip on my shoulder, I do. Carson Kressley as the fashion queen is never going to be enough. But Carson's read of Layla McQueen's apocalypse lewk made me choke on my Miralax.

"To me it's like Winona Judd opened the oven too quickly and got burnt on the outside."


Naomi's Ass and Legs

Not to be a dick, but where the hell is her dick? I could put on six pairs of sweatpants and would still have more visible lumps than Naomi in a thong. Naomi's just serving endless body-ody-ody and made this image the iconic photo of Season 8. SLAY NAOMI SLAY.


This Suit



Bob's Cookie 

"Why ya'll gagging, I bring it to you every episode?"

Bob's hilarious in interviews, sure, but it was her portrayal of Cookie in the Empire maxi challenge that cemented her as the one to beat. The way she revealed this sequined body suit and strutted around in it was pure Bob and I love her.

"Why did I waste my time putting on THIIIIIIISSSSSSS?"


Kim Chi bites it hard


Bob's snatch game

Gurl. Bob's snatch game may have been the all time very best snatch game ever (UNTIL ALL STARS). Her Uzo Aduba was hilariously on point (GURL, do you remember Bob improvised a poem for Chanel Iman that ended "she can be my wife" that was so Crazy Eyes I thought it actually might be Crazy Eyes? gagging) and his switch to Carol Channing midway just made me love him more because he was LIVING FOR IT. 


Derrick's Britney


Derrick proves to be sort of a lovable choade throughout the season, but his entrance as Britney on episode one is phenomenal. We've prob got some hard core Chad Michaels loyalists here, but I'm willing to fight about it, I think Derrick is the best impersonator we've ever seen on Drag Race.


These makeup lewks


Look, I'm pretty funny. But like just regular person, plebian funny. Bob though, Bob is fucking ha-larious and inspired one of my favorite memes in Drag Race herstory, PURSE FIRST. And to see it on our girl Hillary, it made me so happy, even now. Because if there's anything Drag Racers (and HIllary) are about, it's confidence and perseverance. Purse first, darling, purse first.