I am always trying to learn new things, read new stuff, listen to new music, explore and stretch and grow my brain. I'm usually making a hateful face while doing it, but I'm still trying (BIG EYES at my bffs who know that I usually LIVE on my couch). I always look miserable, but I'm probably having a fun-ass time. Whatever. Leave my face alone, it likes to keep you guessing.

This weekend my BFF, life coach, therapist, creative partner, and Heauxs co-editor Adrienne Gunn snatched my phone away from me at lunch and subscribed me to her new most favorite podcast:  Food 4 Thot. So aggressive, right? It's fine. I barely noticed. We were at Chili's and I was tongue kissing a bowl of salsa, she could have stolen my pants.

Adrienne's advice is like 99% dead on and accurate, and this morning I let myself listen during a morning run. YOU GUYS. It's the best. Food 4 Thot is the much-needed colorful queer perspective that you've been needing. I'd say it's The View ... but for THE NEW WORLD. Food 4 Thot describes itself as "like NPR, on poppers." It features four queer hosts discussing the issues that really matter, including racial discrimination, religion, political resistance and safe spaces...but also Mariah Carey's Vine account, nail polish, and the filthiest  hook-up stories.

This morning's episode (the 3rd) had a Chicago moment. One of the hosts ends up at Sidetrack on Monday night during Show Tunes Monday. I was so tickled I nearly fell off my treadmill, and suddenly understood why my 20s were sexless and terrible. ((SIDE BAR:  OMG. Who goes to a bar and listens to show tunes, that is so not sexy WHAT WAS I THINKING. EVERY GD MONDAY NIGHT YOU GUYS FOR LIKE FIVE YEARS. WHATEVER IT IS FINE I AM MARRIED NOW.)) There's an exploration of the etymology of the word obligation. There's Taco Bell. Bottoming (GIRL!). It's a mf delight. You need this podcast in your life.

It's a really gorgeous blend of smarty pants chat, pop culture gems, and sex. You need this. If you're queer you ESPECIALLY need this. I'm binging the other episodes tonight. GET IT, GIRL. Get it right now.