I watch the mother eagle every morning. She sits on the nest all night and then around 6:45 she starts calling for him. One morning I thought he was dead because she called and called and she got raucous and still he didn’t come forever. You’d think he would bring her a fish.

The baby eaglet was born this morning. It wriggled out. It’s grey and wobbly. They don’t regurgitate into its mouth. They feed it small pieces of meat.

It is so weird because it always seems you have your period.

I watched Harriet feed the baby this morning. He has to be kept warm for two weeks until he gets a second layer of feathers.

I don’t think the other egg will hatch. It’s way overdue. I don’t know if they will throw it out of the nest.

One of my bridge women has shingles on her butt and labia and is in horrible pain. She got shingles injection

Our eagle cam was down for 2 days.

Harriet the mother eagle is so good. We’re having high winds and e9 is too big for her to sit down and cuddle him. So she’s standing swaying in the wind to keep him warm. He’s peeping but she’s got him wedged in. He still can’t get up and walk on those big feet.

I did laundry ran the dishwasher took out the garbage.

Eaglet is still not up and Mobil on his feet. The egg is still in the nest. He’s cuddled up under Harriet.

The eaglet is up on his feet now. He’s losing his second set of fluff and his feathers are visible.

I can’t say enough about prunes.

My eaglet was chomping on a squirrel yesterday. The squirrel was in the nest and the parents had fed him from it. So he decided he would gnaw in it himself.

Ate Swedish meatballs at IKEA café.

You wouldn’t believe the size of the eaglet. He’s 7 weeks old.

Time goes by so fast.

E9 is very big and aggressive when he’s hungry. He grabs the parent by the foot and hangs on. They are patient with him. He will be fledging soon, flying up to the branch above. Then they will teach him to hunt I guess by example and then ultimately drive him away to be with other juveniles.

My internet suddenly down. Damn.