What is the Met Gala and why should I care? I know that's the question you're asking right now, and I'm gonna try to not slap you and give an answer like the grown ass nonjudgmental person I am. What are you even doing with your life? What is the Met Gala. You should be ashamed of yourself. Officially the Met Gala is the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Benefit. It's a black-tie EXTRAVAGANZA held the first Monday in May to raise money for the Costume Institute (THE FASHION DEPARTMENT OF THE MUSEUM), which also happens to be the ONLY curatorial department that has to fund itself. Unofficially? It's a bunch of rich ass people Anna has decided can breathe the same air as her ... AS LONG AS they bring her a check. It's a fundraiser! YOU GUYS. Rich folks, they're just like us!

It's a fundraiser, but it gets called all sorts of things like ... "the party of the year," 
"The Oscars of the East Coast," but lately it should be called RIRI'S PARTY DRESS PARTY. I mean look at her outfit from 2015. IT IS INSANE. AND AMAZING. AND NOW YOU HAVE TO LOVE HER. The party is organized by Anna Wintour, the editor of American Vogue, which means it is a global-celebrity fashion-cocktail-dinner-concert-red-carpet-other-words-about-fancy-events-we-cannot-get-a ticket-for MONSTROSITY. Celebrities of all stripes go nuts for this event. It's like if the Oscars, Tonys, Grammys, AND Emmys all had a baby with Fashion Week. It's big. It's huge. It's the most. Famous people love it and they go all out to costume themselves for the theme.

You should also totally check out the documentary The First Monday in May; it's an incredible movie that will explain more than you could ever hope to know about this event. It's so good it might even have the power to turn a fashion sourpuss into a fashion fan. You can find it on Netflix.

Take a look at these looks from last night. The theme was Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garcons. LOLOLOL I had to google that shit. Rei is a fashion designer who founded her own label in 1969 called "Comme des Garcons. That's French for "like some boys." She is considered one of the most influential designers because she refuses to accept the rules that govern normal clothing design. She likes to challenge the ideas of beauty, identity, and gender. I love everyone, but this info made me so tired I'm gonna go catch a nap. WHATEVER. SHUT UP AND LOOK AT THESE OUTFITS.


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