People are dumb. DON’T YOU DARE try to tell me that’s not what you think a thousand times a day. I've spent the last 43 years of my life trying to keep up with my own stupidity while avoiding having my face forced into a yellowy swirl of toilet water bobbing with drama, idiocy, and negativity. Life is hard. I needed to build a tribe of strong, smart, and supportive people. This is how I did it:

1. Dump Shitty People

Anyone that makes you think "ugh" before you hang with them, let that relationship fall away. Also, those people who constantly flake on your plans - BOOOO!!! No one has time for fake friendships.

2. Take Risks

Ask the people you think are "cool" to hang out; this is how you find your tribe or find out some people aren't as cool as you thought. Better yet, you'll find out that they thought you were pretty cool, too.

3. Don't Take it Personally

Just because people can't or won't hang with you, isn't about you. It's about them and what's going on in their lives. Take a step back and let it breath.

4. Nurture the Relationship and Honor Your Word

If you want a true honest relationship with anyone, make sure to make time for those people and be honest when you can't; do your best.

5. Respect Everyone's Time and Effort

Don't tell someone that they aren't "friending" right. While there may be conflicts that should be resolved, assume that people want the best out of the relationship and their efforts matter, too. If this is not the case, see rule 1.

6. Don't be a Dick

7. Have Fun

Life is too damn short for bullshit. You have one time on this planet. MAKE IT THE BEST.